Fishing Hooks Freshwater Long Shank Baitholder Bait Offset Barbed Worm Carp Fishing Hook Red

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  • CORROSION RESISTANT:Baitholder Fishing Hooks are made of high carbon steel with high strength and corrosion resistance,fit for freshwater and saltwater.
  • CHEMICALLY SHARPENED: The long baitholder hook has a beaked hooked point for secure hook ups and an offset hook point to get better hook penetration from timid fish
  • LONG SHANK:The shank is longer than a standard baitholder style hooks, this extra length is great for a variety of baits like prawns and nippers, whitebait and strip baits.
  • 2 BAITHOLDER BARBS:Long baitholder hook with two bait holding slices along the back to help your bait nice and secure
  • Quantity: 50pcs in a PE bag